Figments of the imagination about how to tell computers what to do, as determined by creating chunks of code. That is the main reason why FigmentCode is here. Turning ideas of what you want the computer to do into actual instructions, to actively participate in the creation of code, is a delightful and wonderful activity. This is a place to share in the joy of computer programming.

This is also a place where I share in my other interests. I enjoy the exploration of theories in the general sciences, including electromagnetisim, the works of Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison, anti-gravity concepts, the nature of fire as a plasma and how it responds to high voltages, and the like. I also am fascinated by alternative forms of power, such as solar, wind, water, and electromagnetic energy. The very earth itself is a giant magnet... just think of how much less oil we could use if we could harness the earth's magnetic field and its rotations to generate power. Also, here we are in the 21st century - where is my flying car?!

In terms of music, I have played guitar for nearly eleven years. Music is a wonderful way to sort out your thoughts. Music takes the emotion and complexity of your feelings, the words like strings tied around how you are feeling, while the notes can lift your spirts, its order and structure helps to set things right so that one may think in a clearer manner. Music can change the mood of the people in an entire room, it has power, and in that passionate dance of chord progressions, harmonies and melodies, when performed at its best, it resonates with the very fabric of the universe. That is why the vibrations that we hear can have such a powerful effect on us.

Along with music and programming, another way that ideas in the mind can become tangible reality is in the creation of artwork and photography. A photogrpah captures a moment in time and freezes it, so that days and years later you can look back on that moment. Like what a song does for the ears, visual images can stir up emotions and invoke thought in our complex minds. They can cause the chaos of a storm, with waves of passion rising up all around, or it can calm a troubled soul, and set the sea of thought right again, till it is as smooth as glass.

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Thank you again for visiting FigmentCode, feel free to comment, ask questions, or answer them. There are often many ways in which to resolve a challenge (I prefer that phrase over 'solve a problem', as problem has a negative connotation) and this is a place where you can discuss with others how such solutions are better or more effecient than others, what the trade offs are and all that.